Business Advisory

Running a growing business can be a time consuming and sometimes lonely job.  It requires attention to detail and being kept up to date with latest developments.  This is not always easy – a helping hand at the right moment can make a massive difference.


We have over 20 years experience working with business owners all over the UK, supporting them with growing their business and accessing finance.  We will work with you to ensure that a real plan of action is put into place, one that supports you in your business dreams and aspirations.  And we’ll support you in working through that plan from start to end.


If you have a business that’s based in Chesterfield, Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster, Leeds or London, and would like our support in growing your business or accessing finance, please click the button to contact us or keep reading for more information…




You have aspirations & goals for your business, and we're here to support you in achieving those dreams! We will discuss your business, your ambitions and your goals. We then create a plan of action for your business so you can start the journey towards achieving those goals.


Your business plan is just the start. We will work collaboratively with you to develop a plan that's geared towards you achieving your goals. We'll help you to identify any key areas & milestones for your business. We'll also help you to identify any key financial numbers from your accounts that should be regularly monitored.


After your business plan is set up, we offer monthly ongoing support to help you keep everything on track. We review the initial plan of action, the business plan, your accounts, and offer any other support you need. We will empower you to make smarter more informed business decisions.


We can work alongside you for a day (or longer) to help achieve any key area within your business plan. We'll discuss your desired outcomes, ensure they're aligned with your business plan, create a project plan with timings, and then deliver the project. All projects are quoted and charged separately


Why do I need a business plan?


A business plan is vital if you want to grow your business and/or become more profitable.  It sets out how you plan to develop your business, how you will price for your products and services, how you will market your business, it includes some targets, and allows you to consider your competitors and the evolving marketplace that you operate within.


Without a plan, it’s easy to operate day-to-day without a longer term goal and vision in mind. And a business plan doesn’t need to be a massive essay, just a couple of pages is sufficient. And if things change, then just update the plan.


Along with up to date financial results, this becomes a powerful tool we can use to help access finance, funding and grants.

What skills and experience do you offer?

Our business advisers have years of dedicated relevant experience in helping business owners to develop their business plan and model.


We can provide coaching and mentoring to help you through any challenges that you or your business is facing.  If you’re looking to access finance, we can connect you with funders and investors.  We can also access our trusted network of more specialist service partners when needed – such as reviewing the market for eligible grants, tax reliefs for research & developmentHR support and individual personal development coaching.

Who do you provide business support to?

In smaller businesses we like to work with the business owner, as they are usually fundamental to the growth and activity of the business.  Within larger businesses, we will work with the business owner, any existing Investors and anyone else who has an interest in the growth and success of the business.


All support and projects are bespoke, and tailored to the business.  A plan of action is determined from initial discussions, so we can fully ascertain the business strategy & aspirations.

I’m only a small business – why do I need business advice?


Xero provides all financial information about the business, all the factual numbers. The business plan sets out how the business owner plans to grow the business and/or become more profitable.  For the latter to work, there needs to be something connecting it to the former, that can take the factual numbers and then support the business owner to realise their plans.


For example you may have made steady profits over time, and have a certain amount of cash in the bank, but what does that mean in terms of developing the business? Often referred to as an FD, finance director style support will help you to connect all of the dots.

Where do you provide business support?

For ongoing support, we can chat either in person with you, over the phone or by email.  When we first meet with you, we prefer to do this in person so we can fully discuss your aspirations.


We currently cover Chesterfield, Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster, Leeds and London, we’ll come to you!

How does your business support interact with Xero?

Having the financial results of the business in a live and interactive platform allows us to make smarter informed decisions that will ultimately lead to better outcomes.  For example, budgeting is critical when it comes to forecasting figures into the future, which is essential when drawing up a plan for loan applications, funding or investment.


We prefer to look at the reporting tools that are already freely available within Xero itself when looking at the accounts and keeping a watch on key numbers.  If the business requires more functionality in reporting, for example the ability to perform sensitivity analysis on a greater scale, we will look at the Xero add-on marketplace.  Add-ons usually carry a monthly charge, but are worth the investment if they provide better reporting.


If you would like us to utilise any add-ons during our work, then we will fully advise and assist with the integration with Xero, and set the reporting up.

What our clients say about our Business Advisory Services:


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