Progression Solutions


Business solutions

We support you by understanding your business model – and by also knowing your real-time financial results, we then help create a plan of action to help your business to generate higher profits and improved cashflows. From our years of experience in the business support field, we also have access to a wide range of more specialist service partners, experts, funding and investor organisations, proven to deliver excellent service.

System solutions

By walking through all of your business systems with you, from your contact management to stock ordering, we can recommend, implement and integrate cloud apps that work seamlessly with Xero to do these functions, helping you to build a slick, paperless and agile modern business.

Features you’ll love!

Business support

All the benefits of having a finance director on board with you, at a time to suit you, for a fraction of the cost of employing yourself.

Business plan

We'll work with you to fully understand your business model, your strategies and aspirations, and create a plan from there.

Project support

Providing financial, commercial and business development support.

Product support

Integrated business apps working seamlessly with Xero, we'll support you all the way.

Product plan

Calibrated to your business requirements, we'll help set up and integrate apps that improve your business systems.


Working alongside you, providing regular mentoring and support, we can assist you as soon as you need it, and we can help keep everything on track for success!


I need more financial data


Creating financial forecasts and budgets, and regular monitoring against actual business results.

I need a plan


A chat to cover goals, aspirations and strategies, and developing a documented and working plan of action, all working towards your ultimate goal.

I need funding


Creating and developing a proposal for funding, investments or exit, or assisting with cost reduction.

I need support


A sounding board for the business owner – it can sometimes be a lonely job!

Progression Solutions brings everything together to work in unison