Progression Accountancy


Cloud Accountants

We achieve the clear and simple unified approach by implementing the cloud bookkeeping solution Xero with you, and then integrating it with other cloud business system support apps, so it becomes your total finance toolkit.  By having simple access to real-time results, administering the business finances becomes simple – even fun!! From this, we finalise your year end accounts, self assessment tax return, and all company returns.  And because we always know what profits the business is making, we can plan dividends, as well as any other planning points, to minimise any tax.


Xero is beautiful online accounting software, simplifying the whole process of keeping business financial records, and produces financial data in a simple and clear way.

We are 100% purely focused on Xero – we love it, and so will you!  Our team are all Xero Certified Advisers, offering unrivalled expertise as one of the leading Xero Partners in the region.  That’s why you can always trust us to fully support and advise you and your business on all things Xero!


Xero Support

Limitless Xero product training, for as long as you need it - at no additional cost.

Accounting Support

A dedicated adviser, working alongside other business professionals, offering a full integrated approach to help you run and grow your business.

Clear, simple, real-time results

Integrated apps and clear dashboards - online, anytime, anywhere, from any device - calibrated to your individual requirements, makes running the business simple and fun!


Integrated apps, calibrated to your requirements - paper records will start to become a thing of the past!


Automate asking your customers to pay, improving cashflow.

Receiptbank & Tripcatcher

Automate recording all of your costs and mileage claims, and store all of the source invoices and receipts against them.



Supporting you when it’s needed, and working together to establish a supportive and collaborative framework that creates a forward-thinking plan of action…


At all times, we provide as much assistance, support and training as you need, without any additional charges.  After all, our mission is to empower you to run your finances easily, and we’ll aim to make things fun!  There’s also a vast array of online tools and resources available 24/7, so you’ll always have the support network in place.

Our quarterly support package is ideal for the growing business who likes to keep a daily hand in the records, and needs support in implementing systems and with finalising quarter end figures & VAT. This package allows you to work through things yourself each day, and this is all made easy by the integrated apps. We will look at your figures on a quarterly basis and will chat with you to discuss and advise.


Our monthly support package is ideal for the growing business who needs a more full-on finance department without the cost and hassle of employing in-house.  We can support and advise you more frequently, and we can even create a plan of action so we can undertake some of the bookkeeping for you on a basis and frequency that suits you.



We chat with you to find out all about your business and the way in which it operates. From this, we create a bespoke Xero support package that suits your individual requirements. This means you can fully concentrate on the aspects of your business systems and bookkeeping that has the greatest benefit for you.

We also review your business systems, and consider any apps that would make existing processes more efficient. We will work with you to integrate these with Xero and into your business processes.

Real-time results available every minute - meaning we can tax plan, finalise VAT returns, finalise year end accounts, complete self assessment tax returns, complete any other company returns, and do any other stuff that's needed.

A dedicated adviser, sitting alongside other business specialists, means any opportunities are spotted. Your adviser will project manage all aspects of Progression services.