10 things Xero makes easy for business owners

especially when you're off work!

10 things Xero makes easy for business owners

Week starting Monday 15 February…

It’s half term at our house, and I must have drawn some major short straw without realising it, and found myself being at home all week.  3 kids for 2 of the days (manic), then 2 kids for 3 of the days (not so manic) – the youngest is only 4 and at nursery (where it’s all still nice and easy) for 3 of the days, whilst the 9 year old and the 7 year old are off for all 5 days.

Amid the chaos, fighting, arguing, muddy trips to the park, as a busy mum/MD/marketer/leader, etc, I still needed to work, mainly from the phone, sometimes an hour from the computer, and I still needed a grip on the business finances as I’m also a multi-business owner.

I decide this is by far the toughest challenge for Xero yet! – can Xero really make any of my life as a business owner easy, especially when faced with the school holiday week?

So, here are the 10 things I successfully did during my 5 days at home, all simple & taking literally minutes each, all whilst being Mum all day to 3 little sweethearts:

(1) I’ve received invoices from suppliers into my email inbox this week.  Not many, but consist of professional courses, internet and Google apps.  I’ve simply forwarded them to my Xero files inbox (email address available top right side of the Xero files inbox screen), so when back at the desktop I can attach the documents to the transaction in Xero.  No paper to deal with whatsoever, woo!

(2) It’s a great comfort for me to login from my phone and see the guys raising their invoices to our clients, and I can see payments coming in.

(3) The automatic bank feed means I can login to Xero Touch (the Xero app that’s available) and reconcile on the go for all the businesses, so everything’s kept up to date.  If you’ve not yet experienced how easy reconciling your bank is using Xero (especially the app) then you need to asap!

(4) I needed to check how much the monthly PAYE payment was, so easy to check the payroll tab in Xero.

(5) I had a few receipts in my purse from costs made using the debit card back end of last week, so from the Xero app again, I’ve been able to take a photo on my phone and create a transaction for the cost, where I can then reconcile to the bank.  Took a matter of seconds in taking snaps whilst the kids took it in turns to hold the receipt in the air, paper in recycling and purse lighter!

(6) Automatic invoice reminders are already set up in Xero for the businesses, which means we’re emailing clients that owe us money all the time, means we’re doing credit control without actually doing anything.  A ‘must’ for any business to use all the time.  As an alternative, Chaser does a great job if needing to be more flexible and/if more complex.

(7) Unlike some accounting software, you can have as many people working in Xero as is needed, so whenever I’ve needed to check in, I’ve not needed to ask others to log out first!

(8) Another thing on raising sales invoices, it takes a matter of minutes to create and email invoices to our clients, and we have a “pay now” button so clients can pay by card.  Record so far is someone leaving a client’s premises at 5, calling in for a coffee on way back whilst using phone to send sales invoice at 6, and got paid at 6.10!  How good is that?!

(9) I can’t stress enough how important it is to have access to financial data through the cloud (ie logging in to your account from your Internet browser) using my phone.  Able to check in from the park easily, also whilst the kids are watching Dennis the Menace and Gnasher on CBBC after a wash down.

(10) Finally for me, it’s got to be the dashboard view when you first login, of key areas.  I haven’t got time to go searching for bank balances, sales invoices awaiting payment for, purchase invoices that we have yet to pay.  So having that data in front of you on login, on an easy to understand graph, means it takes moments to get a glance of current position – absolute key when I’ve got 1 minute to check that out, as the ice-cream van has just turned up and the kids want one!

They were my top 10 during a hectic week, and I conclude that Xero has well and truly passed the test!

Want a try out for yourself?

Hayley Bradshaw

Co-Founder & Director of Progression Accountancy, Xero Advocate - Supporting established businesses with Xero to get super clear on their finances, so they can save time each day & have Xero working properly, through bespoke Xero Training & ongoing Xero Accounting

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