Deep dive – Xero Expenses

Deep dive – Xero Expenses


The new Xero Expenses was launched at the end of 2017, and we want to keep you up to date with developments!


The best things about Xero Expenses:

  • Business owners & employees can easily capture expenses on their phone using the Xero Expenses mobile app, which sends data directly to Xero in the form of an expense claim.
  • Set permission levels, so different people in the business can approve & pay, as well as the ability to submit an expense claim on behalf of a colleague.
  • Provides business owners with powerful analytics, reporting and grouping, so you can better understand spending habits.
  • Never touch (or lose!) another scrap of paper ever again!


On the roadmap:

  • Mileage tracking
  • Integration with Xero Payroll and Xero Projects feature (that will allow businesses to invoice their customers for expenses associated to specific projects and reimburse their employees through Xero Payroll).
  • Support integrations to and from other third-parties, including banks and vendors.


Basically, Xero’s goal is to make sure business owners never ever touch (or lose) a piece of paper ever again!  Great goal – one that we share too! 🙂


Xero Expenses is invaluable for those who regularly submit expense claims, and where business owners (or managers) are currently spending far too much time chasing up & dealing with paperwork.  Because you can easily drill down into the reporting analytics, decisions can be made instantaneously, and actions can be taken accordingly.


You can add expenses on the move with the mobile app, or at the desk on the big screen – it works for wherever you are & whatever device you’re on!


Take a look at Xero Expenses here:


Xero really does help all businesses regardless of size or complexity!  To find out how Xero can help your business contact us today.

Hayley Bradshaw

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