Xero Expenses – A Deep Dive

Xero Expenses – A Deep Dive


Xero Expenses – How To Make Expense Claims Easier


Do you currently spend too much time getting expense claims processed?


Or do you leave it to the last minute, then forget what you spent & where?


Xero Expenses will make the whole process quicker & easier!


Xero Expenses is an invaluable tool for those who regularly submit expense claims, or are currently spending too much time locating & collecting paperwork.


The key to getting simple processes done quickly & correctly is to utilise automation.  By making the whole process quicker to do & easier to manage, you can then spend your time doing more important things instead.  Like growing your business, taking on more work, or having free time back with family.


The benefits of Xero Expenses:


Business owners, managers & employees can all enjoy the benefits that an efficient expense claims process can bring.


  • Never forget or lose receipts ever again – capture expenses & receipts, there & then, using the mobile app.
  • Real-time processing – the data from the mobile app is automatically sent into Xero.
  • Reporting features – analytics, reporting and grouping, so you can understand spending habits.
  • Mileage tracking – to ensure the cost & VAT is correctly calculated.
  • Set different user levels – so the right people can approve & pay expense claims.
  • High data accuracy – information is entered into the system only once.
  • Integration with Xero Projects – you can assign expenses incurred to a particular customer or project.
  • Time back – automation makes simple tasks quicker easier to do, which means time can be spent doing better things.


There is a small monthly cost to having Xero Expenses added to your Xero subscription, but these benefits & efficiencies alone can greatly outweigh this.


You can also find out more by visiting Xero’s helpcentre here



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Hayley Bradshaw

Co-Founder & Director of Progression Accountancy, Xero Advocate - Supporting established businesses with Xero to get super clear on their finances, so they can save time each day & have Xero working properly, through bespoke Xero Training & ongoing Xero Accounting

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