Deep dive – Xero Projects

Deep dive – Xero Projects


Managing all of your projects from very start to very end can be very easy!

Xero Projects has been developed with the small business in mind – to capture, track & report the time and money spent on each job you undertake – which makes it easier to plan ahead, stick to your budget & manage all of your jobs & projects more effectively.

With the ability to start your project, record time & deadlines, costs associated with the project, and invoice for the project all from the same screen, Xero Projects is ideal for the businesses who undertake projects and different jobs for their clients.

Roadmap – upcoming features include:

  • Project user permissions
  • Timesheet insights and reporting
  • Project templates
  • Integration with Xero Quotes
  • Integration with Xero Expenses
  • Xero Payroll integration


Xero Projects is ideal for those businesses who undertake jobs and projects with their customers, and are either using no tools or a mix of tools to manage the whole process. It all being in one place, on one screen, with deep diver reporting available, can be invaluable.


Take a read all about Xero Projects here



Xero really does help all businesses regardless of size or complexity!  To find out how Xero can help your business contact us today.

Hayley Bradshaw

Helping businesses achieve financial clarity & time back, by creating an efficient bookkeeping system | Xero Training

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