Get Started With Stripe – Get Your First £5,000 Income FEE FREE!

Get Started With Stripe – Get Your First £5,000 Income FEE FREE!


Setting up a payment service through Xero (so your customers can pay you using their debit card or credit card) can have AMAZING effects on both your cash flow and your time.

Buyers are used to paying instantly when online shopping – one-click payment makes this easier.

When a payment service IS offered to your customers:

  • Invoices are paid on average 35% faster *
  • Your waiting time for payment is cut by 13 days *
  • Xero automatically processes the receipt of the payment & marks the invoice as paid.


We’ve recently partnered up with Stripe, and have an exclusive offer!


So you can try payment services for yourself, Stripe have kindly given us exclusive offer codes!  😁

This exclusive offer code gives you up to £5,000 fee free card processing – worth up to £70!


If you’d like 1 of these exclusive offer codes, please get in touch and we’ll be in touch to help you set Stripe up!


Xero really does help all businesses regardless of size or complexity!  To find out how Xero can help your business  please contact us here.

Hayley Bradshaw

Co-Founder & Director of Progression Accountancy, Xero Advocate - Supporting established businesses with Xero to get super clear on their finances, so they can save time each day & have Xero working properly, through bespoke Xero Training & ongoing Xero Accounting

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