How To Manually Import Bank Statements Into Xero


When you haven’t got an automatic bank feed set up, here’s a quick guide on how to manually import the bank transactions…

  1. log in to your internet banking and download as a csv file
  2. open up the spreadsheet and delete any unwanted columns (the ones you want are date, description, amount – things like balance are irrelevant)
  3. save as a csv
  4. from the Xero dashboard, on the bank account you want to import a statement for, click manage>import a statement
  5. click ‘browse’ and select the csv you have just saved
  6. click ‘import’
  7. you may need to assign some columns to the correct fields in Xero. The only two you must ensure are correctly assigned are date and transaction amount
  8. when the import is complete make sure the ‘statement balance’ per xero agrees to the actual balance per your bank statements in real life.  If it doesn’t, let us know asap!
  9. repeat for any other bank account.

Then you are free to reconcile!

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Scott Bradshaw

Co-Founder & Director of Progression Accountancy - Xero Expert, Fixing Xero for service and construction businesses since 2012..

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