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26 Nov Progression Financial Planning – When Should I Start To Plan?

For the first entry to Progression Financial Planning blog, trying to find the right topic to cover is somewhat of a dilemma – what will be interesting? What is most relevant? What is of most value?

The place I have decided to start, is actually WHEN is the right time to take an interest in these things…

The right answer in almost all cases is… as soon as possible.

The value in having a plan to reinforce your long term future is the key when making decisions. The skill, which in many cases is commonly overlooked, is to have a foundation when considering what, when and how to approach things. The technicality of how you achieve such is for later.

Circumstances will, of course, change over time which is why ongoing maintenance of the plan – and amending as required – is the correct way to approach. A real working relationship with your financial adviser means they are there to help you make informed decisions and ensure things are on track rather than to just give you the good news or perceived bad news of how the stock market has performed in the last few months.

You would not set off on a long car journey without planning your route beforehand, especially if you had to factor in things like stops along the way or the unpredictability of when the kids will need the loo!

Having a plan is the first and most necessary step that forms all ongoing decisions on your journey towards achieving the goals you wish to reach.

Progression Financial Planning, as the name suggests, is available to help form that plan with you. To go through initial circumstances and outline the basis of the plan is complimentary, so we would recommend anyone who can spare the time to take us up on our offer to help.

When is the right time to start taking an interest in this?  Today!

If you’d like to chat about anything contained in this blog, please get in touch.

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