Quarterly Xero Product Updates – November 2019

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Quarterly Xero Product Updates – November 2019


Xero Product Updates – November 2019


I love tuning in to the live quarterly Xero product Update webinars!  There’s usually so much going on – updates & tweaks to benefit business owners, as well as tools to support book-keepers & accountants.  Brilliant!


This quarter was no exception to the rule.  Fresh from Xerocon London mid-November, there are many quite big developments on the horizon for cash flow reporting & making bank payments straight from your Xero screen.  Expect lots more on this going into 2020.


For now, here are the best Xero Product Updates from the November 2019 quarter …


Updates to repeating sales invoices


The quoting functionality in Xero is excellent & really easy to use.  The status of all your quotes sit on the sales overview dashboard, which means they can be easily managed.

When your quote is accepted, you can now copy these details onto a repeating invoice.  Previously you could only do it on a single one-off invoice.

You can now also use placeholders when setting up repeating sales invoices.  Placeholders are for things that change over time.  For eg, if your 1st November invoice is for November work, then you can add the placeholder for “month” in your description, and it will automatically change to December next month, and so forth.

If you have a payment service set up (such as Stripe), the online payment button will now appear on the repeating invoice template.  This can save you time when setting these up.

If you are still seeing the old sales invoice view, check out the new sales invoicing screen experience!


Updates to Xero Projects

If you use Xero Projects, you can now create draft projects, & add estimated time & expenses incurred for that project, before it even starts.

You can also now create sales invoices & expenses straight from the project quote.


Updates to Xero mobile app


On Android, you can now drag attachments from your Xero files inbox when creating a purchase/cost from your mobile.

On IOS, you can now have multiple lines on purchases/costs, which is especially useful if the cost needs splitting to different account codes and/or they have different VAT rates.



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Happy Xero-ing folks!  🙂

Hayley Bradshaw

Co-Founder & Director of Progression Accountancy, Xero Advocate - Supporting established businesses with Xero to get super clear on their finances, so they can save time each day & have Xero working properly, through bespoke Xero Training & ongoing Xero Accounting

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