Quarterly Xero Product Updates – February 2020

Xero Product Updates February 2020

Quarterly Xero Product Updates – February 2020


Quarterly Xero Product Updates – February 2020


The Xero Product Updates February 2020 webinar started by saying: “we’ve been working on LOTS & LOTS of updates over the last 3 months, it’s been busy!”


Read all about the November 2019 Product Updates here.


So, with my pen racing to jot each down before the next one came along, here are our  TOP PICKS from the February 2020 Xero Product Updates webinar…



Core Xero – See Balance Owing During Invoicing


This one has been coming for a few months, so it’s great to now have this functionality available.
p.s. I was a bit quick off the mark with this one & announced it a few months ago, so glad it’s finally here! 😁


Being able to easily see if a customer owes you money, at the point you’re about to raise them another bill, is a valuable tool, as it highlights if they have an overdue balance with you.


When you type the customer in the “to” box, when you hover over the populated field, it will show you the contact email, any amounts overdue, as well as the total amount they owe you.


Coming soon … you’ll be able to set & see credit limits too.



Enhanced Integrations For CRM


Xero’s recent study found that businesses were spending on average 20 hours each month on customer relationship management in terms of syncing data between systems!


To help eradicate this lost time, you will now be able to sync your Xero contact data to either Google Contacts, Microsoft Office 365 or Hubspot (depending which you use).  In addition, the Hubspot integration will also automatically send customer contacts from Xero into Hubspot.


These integrations are currently only available on a premium edition business plan.


If you’d like to find out how these integrations work, and how to set them up, please read more at Xero Central here.



Xero Mobile Updates


The majority of updates this quarter have been around the Xero Mobile App, which is great to see.  As many of us are out & about during the day, it’s important that we can deal with things efficiently as they arise.


As with all apps, please ensure that your Xero Mobile App is updated so you can enjoy all of these updates as they arise:


  • On IOS, you can now have the settings to dark mode (which is a bit easier on your eyes & your mobile battery life).
  • On IOS, there is now a simplified view for creating a new sales invoice. So it’s even faster for you to generate & send sales invoices on the go (if it’s not fast enough!).
  • You can now share files to a draft bill. When you create a new purchase bill, click onto the photo icon & you can add any images that are saved on your device (photos, etc).  This is especially useful when you’re on the go & have those fiddly receipts – just snap a picture of them on your phone, upload them into Xero & put the receipt in the recycling!
  • On Android, you can now attach files during the bank rec process. Click to spend money, and then click on the photo icon to add them (same as above).  This functionality will also be available on IOS soon.
  • You now have the search functionality with purchases as you do with sales. In purchases, click “see all” next to either what’s still to pay or has been paid, and the search icon will be in the top corner.
  • In Xero Expenses, you can now submit claims on behalf of others.
  • Finally, in Xero Expenses, you can now itemise expenses line by line, which is useful if different items on the receipt have different tax rates or need different account codes.



Xero Expenses – Mileage Claims


You can now set up mileage claims in Xero Expenses. However, this is still in it’s early days, and from the demo I saw here, it still needs a bit more work.


If you’d like to find out more about setting up mileage in Xero Expenses, please read more at Xero Central here.


Personally, I think TripCatcher is excellent at capturing mileage, especially when you have the HMRC approved rates to contend with. TripCatcher is also the mileage app that we have recommended to many business owners over the years. If you’d like to find out more about TripCatcher, please visit their website here.



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Happy Xero-ing folks!

Hayley Bradshaw

Co-Founder & Director of Progression Accountancy, Xero Advocate - Supporting established businesses with Xero to get super clear on their finances, so they can save time each day & have Xero working properly, through bespoke Xero Training & ongoing Xero Accounting

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