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Chesterfield, Sheffield & London

We offer Xero Setup, Xero Training, Xero Accounting & Xero Add-on App Advisory support for businesses based in Chesterfield, Sheffield & London.

🔎  Have you started using Xero, but need help to make it quicker & easier to look after?


🔎  Do you have a query or an error with Xero that you’ve not been able to resolve, even after spending hours trying?


🔎  Are you spending too much time on important tasks, like your invoicing or payroll?


If this sounds like you, we’re here to help!


We have extensive experience in Xero and the Xero App Marketplace, and we’ve helped 100s of businesses to maximise their use of Xero over the years.


We want people to be able to grow their business, safe in the knowledge that the financials are taking care of themselves!


Having an effective & efficient book-keeping system in place means you save time every single day!   Your time is precious, so spend it doing better things…



We visit you in the comfort of your usual working space. This means that you have easy access to all of your data. Also, you don't need to spend time travelling.


We use your Xero, your data, your queries, and fix any errors. By working on your Xero, we can set it up perfectly for your business & you'll see immediate benefits.


We can set up automations & discuss Xero integrations. You'll save time on processing each day & you'll never need to duplicate things again!


After our Xero Training, we offer ongoing Xero support, Xero accounting, business support & tailored financial planning.


Can I afford to lose a day’s working to have Xero Training?


Our Xero training is bespoke to you, your requirements, and using your data.  You’ll start to reap the benefits of efficiency straight away because your bookkeeping & accounting admin takes less time to look after, every single day!

My current system is in a mess – should it be tidied up before bringing it into Xero?


If there’s too much going on, it may be best to back that up & start Xero from fresh.  If there’s just a few bits to tidy up, it may be best to fix those bits then bring them into Xero.  There’s different options available, so we’ll have a good chat first & agree a plan of action.

After one session of your Xero Training, will I know enough to use it?


In most situations, yes!  Xero is designed to be user friendly and easy to understand.  During our Xero training, we cover all aspects of using Xero in significant detail.  We’re also on hand to answer follow-up questions, or to provide further training at a later date if you like.

The cost of your Xero Training is a large investment!


We are Xero experts, and have extensive experience in Xero and the Xero App Marketplace.  Over the years, we’ve helped 100’s of businesses to maximise their use of Xero.  Our Xero training is bespoke to your requirements, is on a 1-to-1 basis, and you’ll reap immediate benefits from our expertise.

When is the best time to move onto Xero?


The ideal time is a month or 2 after your accounting year end.  This gives us the opportunity to enter opening balances from your previous year end accounts, and we can enter some of your data since the start of the current accounting year.  But you can move any time you want to!

How much is your Xero training?


A full day starts from £695 + VAT, and a half day starts from £425 + VAT.


Please let us know a bit about you, and a few things about how you’re using Xero at the moment – and we’ll be in touch!

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