Hello, Scott & Hayley here!  We help business owners to be CONFIDENT using Xero.  As a result, you can focus on growing your business & enjoying your ideal life.


We understand how it feels when you’re not getting the support you crucially need.   It can be tough & overwhelming when you’re spending too much time trying to fix your Xero, and not having enough time for anything else.


It doesn’t have to be this way …  When your Xero is set up effectively, transactions dealt with correctly & errors fixed, you will be confident using Xero (and you can save lots of time too!)


You can then focus on growing your business & enjoying life…

be confident using Xero



Back in “the old days”, things were very different.  We’d see so many business owners in a position where they were spending far too much of their time “doing the books”.  Things took a long time, they were making errors & they were duplicating things.  As a result, they didn’t have enough time to grow their business, earn more money or spend time with their family…. unless they worked all hours!


As business owners ourselves, we understood how it felt to be missing out on the important things.  At the time, our kids were just starting school, so we only had until 3pm to do everything.  It left very little time to work on growing the business.  If anything “extra” needed doing, it would be evenings and weekends.  It was tiring.  But we didn’t want to miss out on our family time.


So, we made a BIG change…  we wanted to help business owners to be confident, to stop worrying about their book-keeping & accounts.  We wanted them to start enjoying their business & embrace growing it.  And, more importantly, so evenings & weekends were free for family time.


So, in 2012, we created Progression Accountancy – 100% focused on Xero – helping business owners to have that effective & efficient accounting system we were all dreaming of!


We can check transactions are correct, fix any errors once & for all, answer all of your queries, and we can provide you with ongoing support as you need it.


We want you to be CONFIDENT using Xero, and start enjoying your business.  And most importantly, we want you to have the time back again to grow your business & enjoy your ideal life.


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We are Xero Gold Partners & Gold Champions.  Xero Adviser Certified, Xero Payroll Certified & Xero Migration Specialists.



Whether you’re new to Xero, starting to do your payroll in Xero, or migrating from another system, we can get you set up correctly.

If you’re a professional services business, construction business, or a retail business, we can help you to get Xero set up in the best possible way.



We can also help you with reporting & managing cash flow.

GoCardless certified
ACCA, Chartered Certified Accountants

We can get GoCardless set up for you & hook it up with your Xero …. start collect recurring payments from your customers.

And finally, we are an ACCA practice.


Scott Bradshaw, Xero Expert

Scott Bradshaw (FCCA), Xero Expert


I start the day with a walk & a session at the gym.  I love playing and watching football, I’m also an FA licensed coach & manage my local girls team.  After everything’s done, I enjoy playing football manager, or settling with the family for a film.

Hayley Bradshaw, Xero Advocate

Hayley Bradshaw, Xero Advocate


I love starting the day with a walk & gym session.  After the school run, we’re usually back out again with the kids for football, gymnastics or swimming.  To settle, I love to catch up with some telly with the kids, or do a bit of reading.